12 December 2009

Islamic club on campus...woo-hoo!

السلام عليكم (Asalaamu alaikum...peace be upon you),

I am a full-time college student. On my campus, there are different student clubs/organizations. A few months ago, as you may know, I wanted to have a fundraiser for "Pink Hijab Day" (to raise awareness for breast cancer...the money would have gone to the Susan G. Komen foundation). I was informed that since I was not part of a student club/organization, I was not authorized to hold a fundraiser on campus. Soooo....

I asked about having an Islamic club on campus, and was told to go ahead. So, I have been working on that since October. I have been blessed with a wonderful group of Muslims on campus that are helping out. We finally have gotten approval from the Student Government Association, to become an "official" club. We still need approval from the Dean of Student Services, but I don't think that will be a problem, insh'Allah (Allah willing).

One of the first orders of business we are already working towards is having a Prayer Room established on campus, for ALL faiths. As a Muslim, it is obligatory for us to pray five times a day, but there is no quiet area for us to do so on campus. I am also sure that the Christians, Jews, etc would like to have a quiet room where they can pray, read their Holy Books, and/or meditate as well...without causing a distraction to anyone else, and without being distracted by anyone. We have already started working on a petition. Insh'Allah, we will be able to get it approved.

Last week, a professor that teaches "Comparative Religions" asked if I, or someone from the club, would be willing to talk to his class about Islam. I said I'd ask around. Well, I was nominated as the one that should give the presentation. I did so earlier this week...it took an hour (would have been a bit shorter, but had technical difficulties with the PowerPoint equipment). I was very nervous...especially when I walked into the class and seen this guy that had basically interrogated me a few months back about why I was Muslim. Afterward, students asked q's (including that one guy...he asked quite a few), but alhamdulilah, nothing that I couldn't answer. Another professor that also teaches "Comparative Religions" saw the outline I had used for the presentation, asked if I would be willing to do a presentation for his "Comparative Religions" class next semester. I said sure, insh'Allah. (ha, turns out, that same professor will be my Philosophy professor next semester, as well, lol).

I am blessed, alhamdulilah. All this has got me thinking though. For a while, I have been contemplating wantint to write sisters that are incarcerated...and insh'Allah, one day visiting them, and having halaqas (study groups) if I can get approval for it. Well, another sister suggested we both become female Muslim Chaplains. This has been playing on my mind a lot. If you look further back in my blogs here, you will see that I had considered going to school for Islamic Studies, at an Islamic university. I pushed the idea to the side after a while. But, here I am again, masha'Allah...wondering if maybe I should follow this path. I will have to do some research, but maybe I could still major in Psychology, but then get a minor in Islamic studies. Being an actual chaplain requires 6 years of school...so I was thinking if I just minor in Islamic Studies, I could still be able to assist in some manner, at the female prisons, but without having to do all the additional schooling, insh'Allah.

I am also left being conflicted about my relationship with my fiance. He is Muslim as well, masha'Allah...however, he is not as strong in his deen as I would like. This has become more of a problem lately, for me. I've tried to discuss it with him, but it's like he doesn't really take me (or Islam) seriously. I am far from perfect...but, I want to continue to strive to be a better Muslim. So, I am stuck, not knowing what to do...I love him...but I have to (and do) love Allah (SWT) and Islam more.

Well, that is it for now, I just wanted to post an update on what's going on, since I haven't really done a blog post in a while.



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  2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Thanks for adding my blog ya ukhti! I'm excited to see more from you, as it seems we have a lot in common.

    I understand the problem with your fiance... All I can say is pray pray pray pray. I'm sure you already knew this ;-) mashaAllah

  3. Walaikum asalaam sisters...

    Awwww... thank you for your kind words. :) May Allah (SWT) bless you both, Ameen.

  4. As Salaamu Alaikum Ukhti,

    MashAllah I came across your blog. I am a new muslimah as well alhamdulillah 1 year. I have been learning at www.sunnahfollowers.net for almost a year now. Hadith, Tawheed, everything you need 7 days/week free of charge. Alhamdulillah and the teachers are nothing but the best mashAllah.