19 January 2010

Letter from Haiti: A Haitian Muslim’s Request for Help | MuslimMatters.org

Letter from Haiti: A Haitian Muslim’s Request for Help | MuslimMatters.org

Ya Ikhwani! We are in need of your assistance. Our country has been hit by an act of nature that has left our people with countless deaths, homeless, without water, food, blood and medication.

All of our hospitals have crumbled, we have piles of people in the streets dead. Some people have had to have their limbs removed without aesthetics. Makeshift hospitals are being made with tents but there are not enough doctors or medication for the amount of injured.

The smell of dead bodies has risen in the entire city, the people have become desperate of the situation.

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15 January 2010

Islamic Ummah Club

السلام عليكم (Asalaamu alaikum...peace be upon you),

I am sooooo excited!! Our Islamic Ummah Club has FINALLY been approved and is an "OFFICIAL" club on campus. Alhamdulilah! Allahu akbar!!! Really...all praises are for Allah (SWT) for making this possible. :)

*btw, "ummah" means "community" for any non-Muslims reading this*

I was also contacted today by a writer for the school newspaper. She would like to do an article in next month's paper, on the club. Alhamdulilah! What a great way to get our name out there to the student body, to let others know that this club now exists.

There's so much I want to see this club accomplish, insh'Allah. So far, here are the things we hope to do this semester:

1. Establish a prayer room on campus for ALL faiths.
2. Have monthly Islamic Info Tables set up, with free Qur'an give-aways, as well as bake sales.
3. A t-shirt sale, with two designs to choose from (one Islamic theme, and one Religious Tolerance theme).
4. Set up a website to also sell the shirts.
5. Help donate items for the Haiti relief efforts.
6. Sponsor a needy Muslim family in the local community.
7. Have dinner at La Kasbah Moroccan restaurant again (during spring break).
8. Take a trip to Philly and visit some historical sights, and shop at some Islamic stores.
9. Have a guest speaker on campus at the end of the semester, to talk on the similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
10. Participate in the annual Amani Festival; a multi-cultural celebration.
11. Have a car wash as a fundraiser, on campus.

I have been so busy trying to get this together. It's a lot of work, masha'Allah. But, I am loving every second of it. It's a great feeling of accomplishment, just having the club approved, and to know we can now move forward with educating others about Islam. Insh'Allah, this club will be successful, and the semester will be great.

I just had to share this wonderful news.

For anyone that is interested, we have a FB group page here: