02 March 2010

Allah is definitely Akbar!! Introducing the new Mrs. Ahamed!

Asalaamu alaikum...

Well...Sunday was an eventful day for me, alhamdulilah!!! I became the new Mrs. Ahamed!! I'm so happy and feel so blessed by Allah (SWT)! It almost didn't happen tho...

LAST Sunday (not this past one), we were going to get married, and when I told my parents, my stepfather was furious. He said we must not take our marriage vows seriously since we want to get married so quickly. He also said that if I get married I have to move out (I'm living with my parents). We tried to explain how things work in Islam (get married first, quickly, to avoid any haram- prohibited- activities, such as pre-marital sex; holding hands; hugging; etc). And, that I can't move yet for a few reasons (one being financial, as it costs extra to move than it does for just your month-to-month bills, and one has to save that up along with paying their current bills; not to mention it'd be too stressful while I'm in classes). He said we shouldn't get married then. My mom told me to go ahead and get married and just not tell my stepdad....so that's what we did this past Sunday.

I have been grinning from ear to ear since then. I am just so happy, and I praise Allah (SWT) for His many blessings He has bestowed upon me. Allah (SWT) is truly akbar!

A little background on my husband: His mom is from the United Arab Emirates and his father is from Nigeria. My husband, however, was raised in Saudi Arabia, by his parents, and with 10 siblings. He is very strong in his faith, and just an amazing man, masha'Allah. He is very affectionate, loving, polite, intelligent, funny, talented, etc. He speaks 7 languages, masha'Allah, and helps me with my Arabic. He is very patient with me. Ha, I so love this man! Allahu akbar!

So, I just had to share my happiness with everyone!