07 October 2009

Allahu Akbar!!!

Asalaamu alaikum....

Allahu akbar!!! Alhamdulilah!! SubhanAllah!!! (Allah is Great!!! Praise be to Allah!! Glory to Allah!!!)

I received wonderful news a week ago, masha'Allah (as Allah willed). For those that are unfamiliar with Islam and the blessed month of Ramadan....let me give you a little info. Ramadan is the 9th month of the lunar calendar, and is the month the Qur'an was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is commanded of us, by Allah (SWT) to fast during this month...to learn self-restraint and to remember to be thankful to Allah (SWT) for all that He gives us and the many blessings we have, alhamdulilah. It is also a month of giving 'zakat' (charity). Just as fasting helps us remember to be thankful for what we have, we give to help others that are less-fortunate than ourselves.


I attend Jum'ah services on Fridays at the local Masjid, but sometimes I have to take a cab 'cuz I don't have my own vehicle (I do, but it doesn't work) and I can't always borrow my stepdad's truck (depends on what shift he's working that week). Two Fridays ago, I took a cab there, but a sister gave me ride home afterward...I told her that she saved me $6 and some change in cab fare. lol She was surprised it cost that much since I don't live that far away.

So, the following day, the sister called me and says..."I've been trying to find a way to help you out, ever since you first began coming to Jum'ah. I spoke to my husband, and he spoke to brother Muhammad, and there is another brother at the Masjid that is a mechanic. He's going to look at your van, and then we're going to use the zakat money to pay to get your van fixed. This will be our gift to you for Ramadan." I was floored!!!

Allahu akbar!!! May Allah (SWT) bless and reward this sister and the brothers for their kindness and generosity, Ameen.

I just had to share this great news here. Allah (SWT) is the best of planners and He is Great! Alhamdulilah!!


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